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Feed enzymes have become an important tool to increase the nutritional value of feed ingredients, reduce feed costs, improve the environment, all while maintaining or improving animal performance. Three classes of enzymes (phytases, carbohydrases, and proteases) are typically considered for use in poultry feeds. Phytase works by releasing some of the nondigestible phosphorus (and other nutrients) found in commonly used feed ingredients and making the nutrients available for productive purposes. Phytase is a proven technology used to reduce feed cost by reducing inorganic phosphorus supplementation and has the added benefit of decreasing phosphorus excretion in manure.
Products include EnzimixTM, a complex feed enzyme which causes digestion on non-starch polysaccharides resulting in higher nutrient availability to the animal. PoszymeTM, unique yeast phytase, improves utilization of bound phosphorus & vital minerals.


Adequate supply of minerals and vitamins in diet is the key for good poultry production. The feeding of vitamins and minerals deficient diet can produce numerous health problems in birds. Hence, it is emphasized to develop the practice for feeding a balanced diet with required minerals and vitamins so that deficiency diseases can be prevented in birds.

Chembond manufactures a range of vitamins and minerals under the brand name PreviteTM for supplementing poultry and dairy diet to improve eggshell quality reduce breakage, improve milk production and overall performance of the animal. Vitamin Supplements also includes Alpha D3 which is available for both water and feed supplementation. Mineral Supplement includes Premin-O plus which is organic mineral supplement.


Bio-security is the prevention and control of the outbreak of disease and spread of disease-causing organisms in poultry flocks. It includes sanitation, animal management, feed management, facility maintenance, manure handling, and disposal of dead animals.
Chembond’s biosecurity products help achieve this in two ways – Disinfection and Water Sanitation. Disinfection comprises regular aerial and surface disinfection, fogging and foot dips, restriction of vehicles and visitors, etc. A range of products under the brand name KemRaksha+TM offer such solutions. Meanwhile, unique products like BromograneTM are added to the water to the farm animals to further ensure no contamination takes place via water sources.


Probiotics are the natural barrier between the animal’s digestive system and invading pathogens. They help to protect bird’s digestive tract, aid fiber digestion, stimulate immunity and maintain gut integrity. Product KembioTM is a multi-strain probiotic containing bacteria as well as yeast which suppresses colonization of E.coli, salmonella and other potential pathogens.

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